Saturday, May 2

New Kiln

A month ago I finally decided to invest my money and buy a kiln.
After two long weeks of searching the net, I bought a PMC kiln, and then realized when I got it, that it would not do everything that I wanted, especially because of the size
I finally stumbled on this wonderful multi-media kiln (DELPHI EZ-PRO DELUXE), which I love! It is pre-programmed to fire ceramics (up to cone 02, 2000F degrees), PMC and fused glass…all with a flick of a switch The chamber size is 6"high by 15" wide, which has plenty of room to make ceramic/glass beads. You can even stack two shelves in it.
If you are an artist like me that loves to do all kinds of low firing, this is your kiln. Don't look any further. For more info please click on the link above.
I must say working with Delphi was such a pleasant experience They are very knowledgeable and friendly.
Next - I would like to share some of the wonderful creations, which I got to fire for the first time in my little buddy (my kiln), with you
The Bouquet of Roses necklace has individually hand-built ceramic roses, which are gathered to make the pendant and the two single leaf roses. After firing and glazing, I added Swarovski crystals to the pendant and linked them to a vintage chain.

Angel Wings earrings are made from my own mold and were glazed with a low-firing glaze I added black Swarovski crystals to them. They are kind of funky-looking, but look great on.

Ahh…my Sweet Magnolia necklace is such a beauty that I almost kept it to myself.
The flower was hand built, fired to bisque and glazed. I added black Swarovski crystals, attached it to a bail and a string of vintage glass pearls and gold beads.

These African Violet earrings are another creation that almost didn't get to the store. I love their shape and colors so much. The base is hand-built and the center is a mold that I made from a vintage button. ALL the jewelry above is "one-of-a-kind."

These pieces will be available for sale on my website in a week or so. If you are in the area, you can also find them at Trimble Court Artisans Gallery in downtown Fort Collins.

As you can see, I'm having fun but it's just the beginning I have a lot of new ideas that I would like to experiment with in my new kiln. But - you and I going to have to wait until I return from a trip to Israel this summer.

As always, I hope this post was informative and inspiring
Best wishes for a creative week.


  1. Beautiful!!!

    Happy Mother's Day:)

    Lucky lady to have a kiln!!


  2. Really excited that I stumbled across your blog! First off: I love all of your very intimate family pix from Israel! Gorgeous people! Second I am in love with the illustration of your art pieces! I have a Cricut @ home & will have to finally dust it off & experience w/it to see if I can get cut outs done similar to yours in the pix, i.e. "Bouquet of Roses". I am sure it would enhance my cards! Thanks for the inspiration! Cheers, Julie


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