Saturday, April 25

After the Show

The five artists
(L-R) Sara Massey, Caterina Giglio, Christi Wich, Myself and Kelly Feraro.
Last night was the opening night of our art show the 'Elements of Botany'.
I had such a wonderful time sharing this show with my talented artist friends.
We had a wonderful crowd attend the show. It's always a pleasure seeing old friends and meeting new people. I would like to thank everyone that came to support us and our art, with a special thanks to Meg Deweese, who invited us to have the show at her beautiful store EsScentuals. She is one talented artist herself, I must say.
Now that the art has been revealed at the show, I decided to share the three digital collages (which I made especially for the show) with everyone who wanted to be there but was unable to attend the reception.
I have been creating digital collages for several years, but I never considered them as a fine art. I love other artist's digital collages and I think of a lot of them as fine art, but not mine. They strike me more as commercial art than fine art. I get great enjoyment creating them for several reasons: 1) there is no glue, paper or paint mess to clean; 2) the possibilities are endless; 3) you never can make a mistake that you can't fix; and 4) they don't require any room for storage like traditional paintings…the only storage space needed is on your hard drive.

(Giclee/digital collage on canvas)
Believe it or not, the Botany collage (above) is made from several photos that I took in the past of our beautiful Rocky Mountains. Of course, they have been altered in many ways by using different filters in Photoshop. (G-d do I love this program.)

'Midnight Dream'
(Giclee/digital collage on canvas)


The second collage, 'Midnight Dream,' is made from sections of seven different paintings by old masters and combined with my own digital painting. The main image, 'Flaming June' (1895), is by the artist Lord Leighton.

'The Sound of Music'
(Giclee/digital collage printed on fine watercolor paper)

On my third collage 'the Sound of Music' I used variety of vintage images combined with digital brushes. I love the girl's pure-looking face; it's just grabs your attention. ('Take the Fair Face of Woman' C.1869. Artist Sophie Anderson (1823-1903) Dover Publications).

While, I was getting ready for the show last week, I needed to get out of the studio and take few hours to clear my head. I found myself at one of my favorite flea markets in our town. I was actually looking for vintage medicine glass bottles for my studio when I came across these beautiful early 1900's Victorian Christmas greeting cards and…I just had to get them. I have so many ideas of what I can make with them. When the time comes, I'll share them with you.

Thank you for joining me in my artful adventure. I wish you a beautiful spring weekend and I hope you'll stop by again soon.


  1. Efrat, thank you for introducing me to yet another wonderful way to make art. Why not?
    My only problem is that I want to try it ALL!!!
    I may rue the day I saw this post. LOL
    Your work is very beautiful. Toda!

  2. Just beautiful Efrat!!

    I love to see women encouraging each other in creating ART!!!

    Thanks for sharing:)


  3. Beautiful post! and thanks for your kind words about Mindy's nephew! mwah!


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