Saturday, May 9

Mother's Day

"God could not be everywhere and therefore he made mothers."
~Jewish Proverb
“MOTHER”…I love to pronounce and listen to the sound of this word - it's so powerful and at the same time so tender

I consider myself nothing less than the luckiest woman on earth to have been raised by and related to three beautiful mothers who shaped my life to make me the woman and mother that I am today. This post is dedicated to these three beautiful loving and kind souls. Please join me for a cup of tea and goodies on this Mother's Day and let's share our stories about our mothers.

My beloved grandmother Rose (1890-1988)
A mother of 13 kids; 10 of her own and 3 adopted. She wasn't a woman of words but a woman of action. She truly believed that action spoke louder than words and I admired her for that. Her home was a warm, safe and loving home to anyone that entered her door, regardless of who they were, and they always must stay and eat something. She had 38 grandkids that I know of by my count and I was one of the youngest ones. She couldn't always remember our names at once; only after she named a few… but who could blame her with that many of us.
My favorite memory of her and me as a child is when my mom used to drop me off at my grandmother’s house on Wednesday's so she could go to the market Grandma and I used to sit in her courtyard and play cards. She always used to tell the other grandkids, who were also dropped off there and who used to act like crazy kids, to learn how to behave from me. I still carry her image and spirit in my heart everyday and every moment. Even though she is gone, I truly believe that a part of her lives in my home and watches over us. I love you forever Savta (Grandma).

My beautiful and loving soul, my Mother
Where should I start to tell you the kind of mother and woman she is? The mother that told me growing up to be the best that I could be…go and follow your dreams wherever they'll lead you… just be happy…the mother that stayed with me during my first two years in school because I refused to leave her sight…the mother that I owe my life to who carried me in her arms to the hospital in the middle of the night when I was 18 years old and had the measles Thanks to her, I stand on my both two feet literally and figuratively. The mother that keep demonstrating to me how to help and be kind to strangers - picking them up from the street, clothing them, and feeding them. (I will never measure up to her.) Believe me, the list can go on and on how much my mother, an exceptionally talented seamstress, gave up her own dreams for her family and others. She still puts others first, because she believes that she was born for us kids, grandkids and to serve others, and not the other way around. I still long to hear her voice each morning on the phone that calls me her soul or my beautiful child…
I love you so much, Ema (Mother). I miss you and I don't know what I would do without you.

My beloved and gentle soul, my Mother-in-Law, Jeannette
Yes, I said mother-in-law। In our home it's a much-loved word on behalf of both mothers
Throughout the years of being married to her son, I’ve grown to love her as my own mother and as a dear friend. I love our long conversations when we get together, trying to solve the world greater problems, as we call them. I love when she tells me the stories about growing up and her childhood. I love when we put a puzzle together (it’s mostly her while I add a few pieces) while we solve some more problems in the world. I love when she teaches me how to make her wonderful baked goods. (I'll never be as good as she is.) I love watching her with the grandkids and seeing the patience she demonstrate with them. I have a lot more to learn from her when it comes to patience.
But most of all, I love her for taking care of me during my battle with cancer when my mom couldn't be here with me. She is the one who held my hand each time I got scared and told me lovingly that everything would be “OK.” If there was nothing at all that I could say for loving her, I would love her for giving birth and raising Steve, the wonderful and loving man that I am proud to call my husband. Mama, I love you with all of my heart!

"The moment a child is born, the mother is also born. She never existed before. The woman existed, but the mother, never. A mother is something absolutely new."
I would like to wish my two mothers and all of the mothers in the blogging world (including moms of pets since they are babies, too)
a Happy Mother’s Day!
I'm going to spend Sunday watching movies with my beautiful daughter.
Have a wonderful and relaxing Mother's Day and thank you for stopping by.


  1. What lovely tribute to the women in your life:)

    Thank you for sharing and stopping by.


  2. what a lovely post Efrat! xxoo

  3. nancyd106@bellsouth.net8:52 PM

    That is so sweet what you said about your grandma, mother and mother in law. i wish you a relaxing and happy mother's day to you.. You have a way with words.... Love you...

  4. I am deeply moved by what you tell us here about Savta, Ema, and Mama. So sweet. Lucky them for having you as well, as you for having them in your life. Because of them you can only be an exemplary mother/ema/savta (0ne day) yourself.

  5. Kathleen Sigg8:55 AM

    What a stunningly beautiful tribute. You have such a lovely heart.


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