Wednesday, January 7

Peace on Earth Please...

As you all have seen and heard, Israel is in war again with the Hamas. While growing up in Israel, I lived through four wars and served in the army during the Lebanon war. I lost a beloved cousin and a class mate.

I'm not much for politics, but I have to tell you that I feel so much pain and fear for my country and for the innocent people that are caught in the middle of this mess. When will it end….! Why doesn't this world get it…that wars are not the way to solve differences. Why can't we all learn to live in harmony and accept each other. If we are not going to change our ways… we are only going to bring destruction to this world! What good is that?

I wrote a prayer four years ago for Israel in honor of my daughter's Bat- Mitzva. I have posted it in the past but I feel it's needed again. If you share my feelings, please join me in this prayer for my country, for the Israeli soldiers and for all the innocent women and children that are caught in this horrible fighting.
* El Shaddai = G-d
Oh… El Shaddai
You made the heavens and the earth
You chose us as Your people
Out of all nations
Exhiled us from bondage and brought us
To the promised land, the Holy Land.
Now Your people are exposed to hatred and fear
Living in fields of tears in the Promised Land.
Oh… El Shaddai
We cry to you from far and near,
For You are merciful.
How it must grieve You to see the
Promised Land turned into a battlefield.
Oh…El Shaddai
The land is saturated by those
Who are consumed with hatred and anger
We wish them no harm
We pray and hope
El Shaddai that Your power and love
Will turn them to You.
And You will protect us from harm as before.
Oh… El Shaddai
We have one prayer and one prayer only
May You spread Your wings
Over the Holy Land
And end the bloodshed.
May Your grace
Bring a bright new day
Wrapped with peace
To Your people and their land.
The above picture is a sneak-peek for a project that is still in progress. It was inspired by the situation in the Middle East. I'm still waiting for the bird of peace to show up and bring peace to this world; so our American troops can come home safe to their families and the Israeli's to theirs. Thank you for joining me in my prayer, may G-d bless us all.


  1. Beautiful project and post.. I'm praying..

  2. I too am praying for peace.

  3. Beautiful words Efrat !


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