Saturday, January 24

Enchanted Evening

Our hearts look forward to the evening when our circle of friends convenes for a deep talk once-a-month. This month I had the pleasure to host the gathering at my home. I feel that our friendships are growing deeper and our lives richer.

With this in mind, I planed for this evening very carefully for several weeks. It was like getting ready for my first formal. It was very thrilling.

It all started by choosing a white theme for the evening. Since it was our first meeting for 2009 - I thought why not start the year with a clean white canvas. The table was draped all in white,

The candles were lit in crystal candle holders that I totally adore and love. (The centerpiece is my new and wonderful flea-market find.)

The white roses were arranged in small crystal vases and cordial glasses.

The place card holders were box holders for playing cards and were part of the project for our special meeting that night. Each box was wrapped in white paper, decorated with a rolled page from a vintage book and rose leaves sprayed white on which I wrote each guest's name. Everything was tied with a white sheer ribbon and a paper rose.

I placed a place card holder on top of each soup bowl to give a pyramid look for the table setting. The placement of the box symbolizes being in control of our lives. (In Judaism we have a saying in the New Year to be the head not the tail.)

The four-course meal was also prepared with white recipes. The first course was homemade Cream-of-Potato Soup served with crackers and parmesan cheese.
We began with a champagne toast to the New Year and our friendships. The champagne was served in crystal flutes. I also introduced everyone to the Jewish tradition of dipping an apple slice in honey, which is a blessing for a sweet New Year.

The second course was an Israeli dish called Boreckas (cheese turnovers) that everyone loved and wanted more! That's the reaction I always get when I make them.The third course was Poulet Saute a La Crème (chicken in cream) served with couscous, Waldorf salad, white salad and homemade roles. (Sorry, no picture! They ate everything too fast.)

I served the fourth course in my family room where our circle convenes. I used beloved books for part of the decoration to create a table that sparks the imagination and refreshes the soul. I draped a length of upholstery fabric diagonally that made a graceful runner across the table,

I created a centerpiece by placing old and new bound volumes in artful stacks, adding a candelabrum to grace the top of the book stack; with a cascade of small vases of white roses, shells and glass pebbles. The deserts were placed on crystal pedestals.

Coffee and tea were served with the tea set that belonged to my beloved mother. She received it for her wedding but never used it.

(Left to right: Kathleen, Tammera, Pam, Leslie, Nikki, Nita and Sue)
The evening was one that will be remembered as enchanting as the glowing stars on a wintry night full of

love, (Pam and Nikki)

friendship, (Sue)

laughter (Kathleen)

and good conversation. (Nikki and Tammera)

(Pam and Kathleen)
I would like to thank my dear friends for attending this wonderful evening and honoring me with their presence. For my buddy and talented photographer/artist Leslie; thank you for the beautiful photos.
I hope you enjoyed viewing the photos and reading about this evening as much as I did putting it together.
"And in the sweetness of friendship let there be laughter and the sharing of pleasures. For in the dew of little things the heart finds its morning and is refreshed." Kahlil Gibran, Lebanese artist & poet in US (1883 - 1931)
"To the soul, there is hardly anything more healing than friendship."
Thomas Moore, Irish poet (1779 – 1852)


  1. How wonderful to have such friends in your life.. Everything was so Beautiful!

  2. Wow that must have been a wonderful evening with your friends !And what a beautiful table you made ! Really so elegant and chique!


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