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Valentine's Day

I Love Valentine's Day, don't you?

I'm a romantic at heart but it's not just the wonderful message of love that intrigues me. It's also all the beautiful things that I love and what they represent: flowers, ribbons and bows, lace, vintage Victorian images, chocolate, hearts and cupids - just to name a few.

With this in mind, I decided to share my love and passion for designing greeting cards with you. Today I'll demonstrate how to make a beautiful Valentine card (Photo above) out of some of my favorite elements of this lovely occasion. As a bonus for visiting me today and reading this post, you'll have the chance to win the kit to make this card. How about that…!? All you have to do is to leave a comment at the end of this post with your e-mail address.

To begin you'll need a 72 lb. watercolor paper trimmed to 7" x 5.5". You can also use a white card stock. Fold the paper in half and burnish the fold. Cut a strip of the sculpted edge from a white paper doily that's wider than your card, about 4". Glue it above the bottom edge of the card. Leave the ends hanging over the edges of the card. (Use any white craft glue for this project.) Tear a strip of decorative paper (I used Anna Griffin paper) and glue it over-lapping the doily a little; leaving the ends hanging outside the edges of the card. Continue layering the card by alternating with doily's strips and decorative paper until you reach the top of the card.
Hot Tip: Use a junk mail catalog as a 'glue book' as I like to call it. It's a wonderful way to spread glue on small pieces of paper without a sticky mess. Every time you spread glue on a new piece of paper, flip the page to a new spread so you always work on a clean surface.

Trim all sides of the card with scissors where paper overhangs the edges.

Cut a strip of sculpted edge from a cream-colored doily that's a little longer than the height of the card (about 6"). Match and glue the straight edge of the doily to the left edge of the card. Trim the top and bottom edges with scissors.

Next it's time to cut the Valentine images that will embellish the card. My images came from my Valentine collage sheet collection. The saying came also from the collage sheet but I glued it to a larger cream-colored card stock to frame it. I cut the flower image from an Anna Griffin paper.

Glue the flower to the right corner of the card.

Glue the heart at an angle overlapping the flower a little. (See above photo.)

Before you add the framed saying, spread a little glue around the edges and sprinkle it with red glitter. (I used Art glitter.) Now you are ready to glue and position it between the heart and flower by under and over-lapping it. (See above photo.)

Glue the Valentine clown so it overlaps the heart on the lower right side of the card.

We are almost done! All you have left to do is antique all the edges of the card with ink from a red stamp pad (I used Distress Ink.), cut a piece of velum (3.25" x 5.5") and glue it to the inside of the right side of the card where you will write your own special greetings. Note: the velum is cut narrower than the width of the card to give it a layered look. You can cut the right edge of the velum with a sculpted edge scissors, if you like. All done!

As I mentioned in the beginning of the post, you have a chance to win this lovely kit, which has more than enough material for a couple of cards.
Kit includes:
One sheet of watercolor paper,
one E. Designs Valentine Collage sheet ,
two paper doilies,
two Anna Griffin 12 x 12 papers,
one sheet of cream colored card-stock,
one sheet of velum and a couple of envelopes.
I hope you found this post inspirational and fun, and I thank you for stopping by. Please don't forget to leave a comment and your e-mail address. I will draw and post the name of the winner on Saturday, February 7th, so please check back to see if you are the lucky one.
I wish you happy creating with love,


  1. Anonymous8:55 PM

    I love the layers - What a perfect Sunday afternoon project. Thanks for sharing it with us all. - Alexis S

  2. What a gorgeous card and a wonderful tutorial.
    This is a wonderful giveaway. I will be having another giveaway this Friday as well.

  3. Kathleen8:08 PM

    Efrat, this is beautiful. Thank you so much for sharing your design. Kathleen -

  4. Anonymous10:01 AM

    Afternoon everybody!

    Oh my gosh, how scary is it that Valentine's Day has come round again! Please try and remember to sort all your plans out in advance, otherwise you will be flapping around trying to arrange everything at the last min. I can tell you this is a situation you definitely don't want to be in! Not sure how everyone else feels about February 14th, but I always seem to get really stressed out! I always send my friends a Valentine's Day text message, just to say hi! However I find a text message a bit dull, but I have found a different way to send a greeting which has a much more vibrant, and upbeat feel about it! My friend Lizzy first introduced me to the world of electronic greetings about a year ago when she went back packing around Australia. She said she found it hard to write letters, and she didn't always have a mobile phone signal! So whenever she had the chance she would go into an internet cafe and send an e-Card. This method is such a great way to keep in touch with friends, and family. With Valentine's Day coming up I think it is a good way to just send a little surprise greeting. I have done my research, and tried out loads of different sites, but I have now finally found the best Free Romance e-Card site for me. This site has both romantic, and funny, light hearted Valentine's Day e-Cards, so there is a card to suit everyone! E-Cards are not for everyone, but I think they are definitely worth a try! Just wanted to share my thoughts and findings with you all!Hope this is useful! Kind regards, Nicole.

  5. What a pretty card!

  6. Anonymous9:10 PM

    Dear Efrat....
    Beautiful cards!!!!! Love them. I am looking for your Valentine Poem.....Am I not looking in therht place? Help me Sister.
    Thanks for being soooooooooo AWESOME!!!!
    Love you,


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