Saturday, February 7

16 Birthday Card

Before I'll tell you about this card I would like to announce the lucky winner of the Valentine's card kit… and the winner is (drums)….!!! Kathleen SiggYay…! Thank you all for e-mailing me and leaving me your wonderful comments.

Today's card I have made for a special young man that I consider my nephew and he is a good friend of my daughter. He turned 16 last week and what are you going to give to a 16 years boy that has it all? Have you seen the selection of cards out there for this age group…? Not much of a selection especially for boys.

I had to make this card last minute since I almost forgot about his family's birthday party for him. I started digging around my studio and found this pocket that I cut long ago from my husband's old jeans. I hand stitched the number 16 on the pocket and made a tag that say's 'Dream BIG'. This kid had better dream big. He has so much potential. The key is a symbol of him starting to drive; Oh boy…G-d helps us with these young ones on the road…scary!

On the inside I added his photo, name and greetings over two pages.

The last page I made a pocket to store his gift card. It was a fast and fun project and I hope you like it as much as I had making it.
I have to run now and get things done around the house this morning. My dear daughter is having her buddies over and I always have to cook for these boys…g-d blesses them… I do love them. Before I go I would like to wish my dear dear friend/sister Grace Goodson a Happy Birthday.
Have a wonderful weekend,


  1. Grace Goodson1:34 PM

    What a wonderful birthday surprise!!!!!!!

    You are the best friend/sister in my life, are a wonderful inspiration to me.


  2. Absolutely fabulous card ! I'm gonna make something like this for my sister in law ! Thanks so much for the inspiration !!

  3. It is a an absolutely perfect card for a 16 year old boy!

  4. Anonymous9:08 AM

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