Wednesday, December 17

Holiday Creativity part 3

Before we start with holiday creativity part 3 I Would like to wish my dear mum, the most wonderful mum on earth
a Happy Birthday.
If only I could be with her today.
I Love you Emma!

Mum and I last spring when she came for a visit

This darling shadow-box /ornament/place card holder will decorate your table at first but your guests will cherish it and remember you every year.

Making the ornament:
I used a match-box to make the ornament. Remove the drawer and matches and put them aside. Take the cover and split it open at the seam. Cut a window in the front panel of the cover, wrap it with a decorative paper and glue a small piece of transparency film over the window from the inside. Glue a piece of beaded trim to the seam of the cover and glue it shut. Add some glitter around the window for some sparkle.

Find two vintage images for the drawer; one for the background and one for the main image; I used an old postcard image for the back that I shrunk to size and the little girl for my main image. Glue the background image to the bottom drawer. Cut a couple of pieces of mat-board (no wider than your main image) and glue them together. Glue the image to the mat-board and adhere it to the bottom drawer. Now you can add some embellishments; I used a paper flower and glitter. Slide the drawer in to the cover. Cut a small piece of wire about 4" long. Make a wrapped loop in one end, slide the other end of the wire to the top of the shadow-box and make another wrapped loop on that end. Now you created the loops that the chain will be attached to. Bend them upward and attach the chain. Make a small bow from a satin ribbon and attach it with a small wire to the chain of the ornament.

Making the stand:
Drill a hole in the center of a 1" cube. Paint it white and put aside. Cut one piece of 20ga. wire about 8"- 9" and curl one end with round nose pliers. This will be the hanger for the ornament. Cut another piece of wire 5"- 6" and curl (a little more tightly) one end. Take both pieces of curled wire and tie them together with a 24ga. wire. Insert both wires into the hole. Make sure it's a tight fit add glue, if needed. The name is written on a manila shipping tag that I stamped with a rubber stamp. Write your guest name on each tag and tuck it in the shorter wire. Hang the ornament and you are done. Yeah! To fluff the look a little I used fake snowflakes around the base and had a mini ornament lay beside it.

I hope you enjoyed this project and will make a few for your holiday table. Everyone will love and talk about it, I promise! You can even have the kids help you with it as a holiday family craft project.

Please don't forget to leave a comment and your e-mail address. You are maybe the lucky person to win this one. I'll post the winner on this blog December 22st (It was the 21st but I decided to give one more day for comments.) So stop by and see if you are one of the lucky ones.

Thank you all for joining me for the last three days. I had fun and I hope you'll stop by often to see what I'm up to next. You won't be disappointed.


  1. wow! I like this one too.. So many great ideas...

  2. I love the idea of using a matchbox to make an ornament...I think I'll give it a try. Thanks for posting directions on how to makes these!


  3. Congrats with your mam ! You two are beautiful women!
    And what lovely craft project you have !

  4. What a wonderful picture of you and your Mom...
    Warm holiday wishes...
    Blessing to you and your family:)



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