Tuesday, December 16

Holiday Creativity part 2

Oh boy…this is a fun one that just will make your creative juices crazy! This place card was inspired by my fascination with glass domes. I actually love anything that's made from glass, crystal or is clear and sparkly…after all I am a princess as some refer to me.

This project may seam expensive, but it's really isn't if you know where to shop. Start by purchasing wine glasses in a thrift store. You can get them for a dollar or less. It is even better if you get a variety of wine glasses, since it will make the table more interesting.

To make the coaster: Cut about 3 1/2" circle from a heavy cardstock. It can be bigger if the rim of your wine glass is wider. The best is to use a real restaurant coaster; they are thicker.
Glue a round image to the center of the coaster if you wish to. Cut 3/4" strips of paper from an old book and fold them into thirds the long way. Cut 1/4" pieces from each folded strip and glue them around the outside rim of the coaster. Overlap them a little. I used small flowers from a vintage lace and glued them to form the inside circle. Then I glued rhinestones to the center of each flower. You can use any kind of embellishment that you have…as you can see, the possibilities are endless.

Now that we finished with the time consuming part, the rest is easy!
You can find the Christmas miniatures that are in the inside of the glass in any craft store. I used a mini tree and a mini ornament. I add glitter to a mini snowflake, attached it to a piece of a fishing line and used a Glue Dot to hang it from the bottom of the glass. (I used a lot of Glue Dots in this project. I just love them… they are so strong and can be removed later.) Next, make a nice display of your items on the coaster and sprinkle it with fake snowflakes, if you wish. Turn the wine glass upside down and place it on the coaster. Tie a bow to the neck of the wine glass. Glue an ornament place card holder (I found it for 50 cents at Michael's.) and a glittered flower to the bottom of the glass, which is now the top. The guest name is written on an old game ticket.
So this is the project for today I hope you enjoyed it. Please join me tomorrow for the third creative place holder for your holiday table. Don't forget to leave a comment and your e-mail address. You might be the lucky winner for this project (plate in the picture not included). I'll post the winner for this project on December 21st. See you tomorrow.


  1. Wow! I like this even better. so cute! Thank for sharing your creativity..

  2. As always, Efrat, your work is gorgeous! I love this idea of using a glass dome.


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