Friday, April 30

Global Prayer for Peace

For some time I have wanted to do something meaningful for peace in the Middle East region and with the help of my dear friend Mira we came up with this wonderful idea.

If you wish and believe it is time to have peace and harmony in the Middle East then please join us on Sunday, May 2nd at 12 Noon (Pacific time) for a global prayer for peace in the region. All you have to do is take 3 minutes to focus and send from your heart loving and peaceful thoughts to all people of the Middle East and their countries, no matter what your political views are. Picture in your mind’s eye the region as peaceful, prosperous and cooperative. Let’s make miracles with the power of our focused intention. May our collective loving and compassionate thoughts and prayers on that day deliver true peace to the Middle East and every other country at war, Amen!

I will appreciate if you'll spred the word,
Thank you and Shalom,


  1. What a wonderful thought and idea. I will do this. I hope it works. G-d knows, something needs to. Good for you for coming up with something concrete we can do.

    Thanks for coming to my blog today too.
    Shabat Shalom

  2. I always hold the thought of peace in my heart for the middle east. may it be so! xx's


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