Sunday, October 4

'One Tribe - One Heart'

Photo by LaWendula

This Post should have really been posted on September 21 in honor of Peace Day, but since I have been ill for the last three weeks everything has been delayed. So I'm apologizing for the delay.

A couple of weeks ago I participated in a project close to my heart for peace called:'One Tribe - One Heart' that was inspired by my new blogger friend LaWendula from Northern Germany (a wonderful homespun fiber and wool artist, you should visit her blog) I met her through my wonderful friend Cat.

LaWendula is a big believer in global village and for this year's Peace Day she had 12 artists from 8 countries sent her: some of their homeland soil, a letter which expresses their wishes for peace and how they see the world become one tribe. She also asked us to send anything else that we think represent our vision/country. LaWendula homespun 12 beautiful yarn bags (in the colors that the artist chose) one for each of the countries. She decorated them and put in them the items that we sent her. On September 21 she hung them all on her tree in her backyard (Germany) as a sign for peace around the world.

As the representative for Israel, a BIG believer in need for a world peace and feel we are all one and one for all leaving under one sky in a divine world. I sent her some sand and shell from the beach next to the home I grow up in Tel-Aviv, an amulet's hand (Hammsha) with blessing that say on it: Luck- to have the luck to see peace in our life time, Health - to have peace in the world we require a healthy thinking from all of us. Success - that this project of prayers and good intentions from around the world will be successful and deliver peace to all. I also sent her charms of a dove with a heart symbols of peace and love, Israeli coins and a prayer that I wrote for peace:

Rosey Dream of Peace

As I lay in bed and I close my eyes

I dream my Rosey dream

Of people holding hands across the world

feeling peace and love in their hearts for one another

World leaders signing documents of peace

Soldiers wearing white and caring doves

Kids laughing and birds singing become the world's anthem

As we all realized that we are truly free, loved, safe and become as one

We have no more fear of bloodshed or hunger

we raise our hands and say Amen

Photo by Lawendula

Here is the beautiful bag hanging on the tree. Didn't she do a wonderful job...? The blue and white colors of the bag represent the colors of Israel's flag and the little pink is for the rosey
color of the dream in the prayer.

Photo and words by LaWendula

"Here they are now: 12 bags. Each one represents one country, one life, one person believing in world peace.
As they hang together in this tree they are a steady prayer for connection and reaching out hands to others, just like Tibetian prayer flags, all with the message: We all are ONE: one tribe - one heart!
They will weather in wind, rain and shine, but this is all part of the project. Like human life: We will vanish one day, but before that, we will carry our stories, hopes, prayers and special being out to the world." LaWandula

I would like to thank LaWendula for giving me the opportunity to be part of this important project and thank you for allowing me to use your beautiful photos and words. I thank the Lord for people like you on earth. To read and see more about this wonderful project please visit LaWendula's blog.

I wish you all my dear friends peace and love in your heart and soul. I'll be seeing you soon.


  1. First of all I am sorry to learn you have been ill. I do hope this means you are now well again. Do stay so.

    This post is beyond lovely. It's a bold statement that a Jewish Israeli woman is part of the peace display in Germany. Wonderful this is.
    May we all have the peace you write about in your beautiful prayer.

    The things you sent for your little bag are treasures all.

    T'ebriah Haverah.

  2. wonderful post dear and so glad that you two made such a nice connection.... that is peace right there! Your friendship! beautiful! xoxox cat

  3. Efrat, you are such a great person, what a lovely posting, I am deeply honored, you have described my project in such lovely words.
    Glad to hear, that you have recovered.
    Blessings to you and your family!

  4. What a wonderful project. Thank you for sharing.

    Please stop by and enter my Halloween giveaway.

  5. Stopping by to say hello:)
    Happy New Year!

    Blessings to you in 2010!

    Kay Ellen


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