Friday, July 24

Family Creativity

Remember my photos from my last post?
Thanks to my dear readers I was encourage to make cards from my recent trip to the Poudre River. So here they are! They are a mini gift card that measure 2" x 2" and come with clear envelop. I sell them for only ONE dollar each…What a deal!!! They'll be available shortly on my website.

Now I would like to brag about my talented teen writer; Maytal (Mikaela is using her middle name as her pen name). A mother should have the right to brag about her kid from time to time hahaha…..
This week Mikaela submitted her very dramatic fiction short story ' I couldn't run fast enough' to Teenink website. Her goal is that it will be published on there home page, but that only can happened if she gets enough votes. Here is where you come in, I would like to ask everyone if you would please read and vote on her story. It will mean so much for her and of course to me. Here is the link to it:
My daughter is not only a talented writer but she is also a wonderful photographer. The above photo she created for the title/cover of her story. The male model in the photo is one of Mikaela best friend since childhood, Conner. He was such a good sport doing it. I'm so proud of Mikaela for pursuing her dreams all on her own. She is turning into such a unique and beautiful young woman, it makes me so honored to be her mom.
I would like to thank everyone from the bottom of my heart for supporting, inspiring me and letting me share my family with you each time we come in contact.
With Love,


  1. I read Mikaela's story and I thought it was wonderful and I love the photograph that accompanies it. She is a very talented young lady and you have every right to be proud. You know the expression "the apple doesn't fall far from the tree." You my dear friend, are so extraordinarily talented so it's only natural that she would be as well.

  2. my cards would never be as lovely as your cards dear Efrat!!! So glad you are sketching, let me know your schedule and maybe we can have an art date and sketch together! xo cat

  3. Please tell your daughter that I read her story and was quite taken by it. I could not read fast enough to find out what happened next, and then the twist at the end left me wondering. Quite clever of her!!! I did vote for her and sent it on to a friend who works with teens who I thought would take the time to read it too and vote as well. Good luck.

    Your cards below are beautiful indeed and a clever way for you to market them.

  4. PS the photo is stunning...very moving...and clever as well. How did she get the image of the woman on the wall? Terrific!

  5. Amazing photo:)))

    I enjoy stopping by to see what you are up too?!



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