Monday, June 15

Surprise Party

Last Saturday my cousin Eilat had her surprise 60th birthday party that her loving husband and her three kids had given her. This event turn to be also for me a reunion of the Shmaryahu family, most of my cousins and second cousins were there that I have not seen for at list 10 years or longer.

The day of the party I realized that I didn't have a card made for my cosine's birthday. My dad's printer didn't work so I had to improvise and get creative with the little materials I can find around the house. I found an old Israeli Magazine, a piece of paper and a glue stick. I started by cutting and gluing a pretty image and words that said: Eilat is 60 Mazal-Tov! Inside; I hand wrote the dedication to her. I gave her one of my creations a pair of earrings that are made from vintage shoe buttons and pearls.

At the above picture you can see Eilat's surprise reaction to her party. She thought that she is going with her father to an evening of Yemenite songs that he invited her to join him.
Left to right: Amit, Davidi, Maytal (her kids) and Shimale (husband),Singing for her the song they especially wrote for her. This evening was so beautiful full of love and admiration that was dedicated to a woman who is truly is beautiful from the inside out, intelligent, kind and a gentle soul.

Eilat is kissing her uncle (my dad) and next to them his her father Uncle Ozery that I love and admire. He's the true loving gentle soul of our family
Zoofit (Eilat's younger sister) with my parents
Neta (2nd cousin) and her husband Amos

Davidi and my younger brother Emanuel

This is my oldest cousin, Oded. He is the artist of the family way before me.He creates beautiful marble sculptures, lived in France for many years with his family.

Mehira (Oded's wife) Shelli (my sister-in-law), Ofer and my second cousin Sagit that is exceptionally talented singer

cousin, Edna she used to live in a kibbutz when I was young and I used to love to visit her and play with her three boys that were around my age.

Mikaela with her Uncle Emanuel

Noy my niece

Ori my nephew

Lee and me can you tell what we have in common?

Mikaela and Ori found a little kitty at the party and now they are begging to take it home. As much as I would have loved to say YES, I knew that I better not. I didn't know who will want to kill me first my dad or my husband hahaha.
I hope you enjoyed meeting some more of my family. We are planning to travel next weekend to the Sea of Galilee and Jerusalem so I will have some more wonderful photos for you.


  1. How sweet Efrat! and what a lovely family you have! All of you are so beautiful! Looks like you are having fun despite the miserable heat! the weather has calmed here no more hail! yay!

  2. What a beautiful family! Though I had to laugh at the picture of Noy - she looks very bored. Either that or she hates to have her picture taken. She's gorgeous! Thank you so much for sharing this with us.
    Love to you,

  3. Yes! Your family is wonderful! Your cousin is a gorgeous 60! BTW...There is no way I could have said no to the kitten looking at that sweet Mikaela!
    Big smiles!

  4. Lovely indeed. It must have been hard to come back to the states for you.


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