Sunday, June 21

Secound Week in Israel

Hi everyone,
This post is a summery of last week. On Wednesday we went to a concert of Sarit Hadad (Israeli singer) at the old coliseum in ceseriea and it was awesome! The previews and next pictures are from the show.

This is how they open the show with flying angels.

Some of the excavations of Cesariea on display in the entry to the coliseum

My dad with Lee and the kite he made him. My dad has a tradition to make the first kite for each kid in our family.

In Israel we have an old custom to buy flowers on Friday for Shabbat. I bought these beautiful flowers for my mom last week. I can't get over how beautiful the flowers are here and how inexpensive they are.

Yesterday the whole family traveled to the Sea of Galilee and we had such a wonderful time. We all got a wonderful suntan, not that I needed one but we could not resist the water it was so warm and wonderful that we all didn't want to come out.

Another view of the Sea of Galilee we call it The Kineret.

Mikaela with handsome British/Israeli, Yeffet her new friend, at the Kineret...He is such a sweetheart!
We have one more week in Israel before we come home. Time goes so fast when you have fun… Thanks for checking in and I'll write again soon.


  1. gorgeous pix! what fun you are having! When you get we will have to get together for a play date!

  2. What beautiful special:)

    Thank you for sharing,

  3. Oh how you are stirring up memories for me of my time in Israel. Your photos are so beautiful...I can feel and smell the water, the flowers. all of it. Lovely daughter and friend. Will she miss him terribly?


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