Sunday, June 7

My 1st Post from Israel - Meet My Family

Mikaela with her proud grandfather
My father is the type of men that doesn't show his feelings, but when it comes to my daughter Mikaela he will tell you that she is the love of his life.

Mikaela with her loving grandmother

Mikaela with uncle Ofer, my big brother

Cousinly love, Mikaela and Lee we call him 'Lilush'
They are so cute together... don't you think?

Lilush, I love him sooooo much!

My parents still live in the same apartment that I was born and raised. It's located next to Rabin Square in Tel- Aviv. It's the place where Itzhac Rabin was killed on May of 1995 the same evening that I was leaving back to the State with my daughter Mikaela, which was 2 years old at that time, I'll never forget this sad day.
Last Saturday evening Gush Shalom the hard core of the Israeli peace movement had at the square the 42nd annual protest for potting an end to the occupation. They marched from Rabin Square to Tel-Aviv's Museum. Their claims are that Israeli occupations are a disaster to our country: 42 years of occupation, 42 years of corrupting the country, 42 years of creeping annexation, 42 years of robber settlement, 42 years of increasing violence, 42 years of sabotaging peace. They also had a poster that said: "Let's put an end to the occupation - and start living!"
Since this is not a political blog all I will say about it that I have some mixed emotions and I'm not taking any sides here, it's just a report.

Now on a sweet note, come and join me for my favorite Yemenite Shabbat breakfast that my mom makes for us on Shabbat morning: Jachnoon backed with hard boil eggs and Hilbeh If you would like the recipes, just click on the links.
Thanks for joining me and I hope you enjoyed this post from the holy land.


  1. Efrat you are b'biata! Yofi. So happy for you. And YES you have a very very handsome family.
    If I wasn't married and 100 years younger I could become very interested in your brother! LOL
    Your daughter is a true beauty much like her mom.

    I find it very interesting to hear the news you report here from the peace movement in Israel. I know you said this is an extremist group...but such a good thought they have. I wish...if possible...if only...m'ti? When? Oy.
    The receipes are some I am not familiar with at stuff! ;-) Nice for you to have mom's cooking. For me the Israeli salad of finely cut up veggies and hard egg would have been what I'd have expected and enjoyed. With some shemenit please. Yom Tov.

  2. Efrat! You have a beautiful family with faces full of love! Hope your visit is a wonderful one!!!
    Big hugs (throw in one for that special girl of yours),

  3. what a beautiful family! Thanks for taking us along!

  4. I am so glad to know that you are safely at "home" and with your family.... they all look so incredibly happy to see you and Mikaela. And you and your brother, Ofer, look so much alike! What a wonderful family... you must be having a great time catching up and enjoying your mother's cooking. Thank you for sharing the recipies and all of the photos, Efrat!!!

  5. What a wonderful family.

  6. Beautiful family!!!
    Oh I am headed back to read more about your wonderful trip:)



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