Wednesday, June 3

The Journey to My Homeland

You have heard for the last month or so that I'm flying with my daughter Mikaela to Israel for three weeks to visit our family this summer. The time has finally arrived; tomorrow morning we will start our journey to Israel. It will take us from the moment we leave our home to the moment we arrive at my parent's home about 22 hours…Yikes!
The suitcases are packet all that's left is the computer and all of my digital equipments that I must have with me…I'm crazy. I look like I'm moving out not going on a trip.
As I promised before, I will do my best to post photos from this trip as much as time will allow me, so stay tuned and check the blog often. I have to apologies to all of my friends in the blog land that I'm so sorry for not having the time this week to visit you all, but I will try to do it while I'm in Israel.
I will Say Shalom for now so I can pack the computer.


  1. Shalom, and Ne-cee-ah Tova! A safe journey. I can only imagine how excited your parents are awaiting your arrival to hug their daughter and grand daughter and you them. I am so happy for you. Kol Tov! L'hetro-ot.

  2. Wishing you and your daughter a safe and happy journey home, Efrat. Your family there must be beside themselves, anxious to see your smiling faces! What a wonderful moment that will be for you all.... have a really great time, my friend!


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