Thursday, March 12

Quick Update

Dear bloggers,

This is just a quick update, a week and a half ago my beloved father-in-law past away and I had to leave town with my family for the funeral. I’m still away visiting my loving mother-in-law for a week. I finally got a chance to connect to the internet while I’m visiting Steve’s uncle and aunt. I have been taking some wonderful photos around town that I will share with you when I returned to the studio. The photo above is just one of many that I took on this trip.

You still have time to win the earrings on the previews post. Just leave a comment in the end of the previous post and agree to pay it forward by making something to give away to someone for no reason.

I must go now have a lovely week and I’ll announce the winner for the earrings on March 10th.

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  1. I am so sorry to hear about your father in-law. I will say prayers for you all.


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