Saturday, February 28

Pay It Forward

Last week was a special week for me. Tuesday I celebrated my birthday I don't dread them like some people. I regard them as just another number; it does not mean a thing to me since I still feel and act most of the time as a teenager. My body on the other hand doesn't quite feel this way. I regard that as part of the natural process of the wear and tear of our body that we can't avoid.

Yesterday my episode of 'That's Clever!' aired on HGTV. It was really weird to see myself on TV. My husband and I were so relieved that they didn't make me look like a fool as some of the other shows on TV.
I have one found memory from the time we shot the episode, two years ago, is the opening act, where I introduce my project and myself . This part of the show always has to be done outdoors. We shot the episode in January 2007 when we had an exceptionally cold winter here in Colorado, it was -14F degrees. Can you imagine me standing for 30 minutes outside in that cold (not really dressed up for it) in the middle of 2 feet of snow, trying to say my lines? After 30 minutes the camera froze, and we had to go inside and wait for the camera and my brain to thaw, then we went out to do it all over again. My husband thought that we are all nuts! What wouldn't we do for a little fame?!

Do you know what they called the original finish project (the one you see in the beginning of the show? 'The Hero' it took me sometime to get used to it.

In honor of my birthday and the episode on TV, I decided to give away this pair of earrings FREE. The earrings are made with silver and copper wire, fresh water pearls and old buttons that I retrieved from my mom's old basket of buttons that she had since she was a teenager (1930's), when she started sewing.

All you have to do to win this pair of earrings is: to leave a comment in the end of this post and agree to pay it forward by making something to give away to someone for no reason. You are not required to own a blog but if you do, I would like you to please share your giveaway. You have until March 9, 2009 to leave your comment and your email address. I will announce the winner here on March 10th.

Have a wonderful creative weekend.


  1. Anonymous9:39 AM

    Great site and beautiful poetry! Please enter me in the drawing for the earrings.
    I make charity quilts for a local women's shelter and will continue to do so with my quilting club.
    Lynne Morchy (from facebook)

  2. Happy Birthday! I feel the same way about getting older..I wanted to watch the show but I don't have cable...Beautiful earrings.. you have so much talent.


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