Wednesday, September 2

I'm Back

If you asked yourself where have I been for the last three weeks?
Here is the answer…busy painting the charity rocking chair for a local private adoption agency that is having a fund-raiser in November.

It came unassembled and it being a rocking chair I thought it would be much easier to paint it while it's unassembled. Originally I wanted to paint Peter Rabbit on the seat but after I got the chair I realized that the way the chair was designed there wasn't enough room to paint Peter Rabbit without chopping him off.

I had to come up with a new theme that would work with the design of the chair. I started to think about my little nephew; Lee what would he like his chair to be if it were for him? Well the answer was easy… an artist's chair, with a lot of artist's materials.
Lee is three and a half years old and since the moment he was able to hold a pen he loved to draw and paint. It is the first thing in the morning he does even before his parents wake up and breakfast is served. Now he's into 3D art using anything he can find around the house that he can glue and be painted on…A true artist!

So an artist's chair it is! I decided to make each part of the rocking chair a tool or material that an artist would need, and what an artist needs more then anything if not paint. The seat became a crayons box, the arms a roller and a watercolors box with a brush. On the back of the seat I painted child like picture and the wood dowels of the chair became color pencils. After Steve helped me assembled the chair I had to do some touchups and varnish it really well, and walla….!!!

While I was busy with the chair I got a wonderful surprise from my friend Lynn Cohen who is a very talented quilter and photographer. You should visit her wonderful blog. I love her mini quilts and her cards with the beautiful flowers. I can't wait to frame the quilts and hang them in my studio.

Lynn thanks so much for your genres gift.

Now guess what…!!! I got into the national show 'Line into Shapes' at Estes Park.
My 'all in a row' photograph got in. They also allow us to exhibit one miniature art work and I decided to show my 'Gears' photograph that I took this summer.

All that I have left to do is get them framed and delivered to the gallery next week.
Now that you know what I have been up to I will say my goodbye and hopefully I'll be back very soon. So please come and visit me again.


  1. What an incredible chair!

    And you are right about Lynn's work- so beautiful!

    Btw: Your bags looks beautiful too. so exiciting to see the due day coming nearer.

    Take care!

  2. Efrat!!! I am so glad you are "back" with your blog.... missed you! WHAT A DARLING CHAIR!!! You really did an amazing painting, E, and your work is just wonderful. Whoever ends up with this little work of art will have a treasure in their family to pass from generation to generation.... aren't you proud of that?! What a wonderful reason to create-- the adoption agency. How generous and kind of you.... but then that's how you are ;-)

  3. What a cute chair!

  4. You are a creative genius!!!!! This chair will become a treasure for the lucky one to take it home!!!

  5. I had to stop in to see the CHAIR... such a great job! I am back in the studio today to start working on it again. hope to have it finished this week! xo

  6. I keep trying to leave a comment..something must be wrong with my computer:)
    One more try to tell you hello!! and I love your photo that was chosen and your chair is adorable that you painted!


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