Tuesday, July 7

Sweet 16

Today is my beautiful and loving daughter, Mikaela's 16th birthday. I would like to honor her and this special day by sharing with you the poem that I wrote for her Bat-Mitzvah four years ago.

You walked the heavens beside God and looked down on earth
You chose us as your parents
You came to our life full of wonder as we gazed upon you
What a miracle - so tiny but so blessed

You are the match that lights our souls with joy when you smile
You move us with your cry
You teach us patience and love
What a miracle - so small but so powerful

You act and dance and make us look at ourselves
You ask questions for which we haven’t sought answers
You wonder what is to come next
What a miracle - so naive but wise

You open your arms to our smiles
You run to our aid when we fall
You pray for peace when things are troubled
What a miracle - so young but compassionate

You are the small rosebud that sprouted a few springs ago
You are the rose that started blooming this summer
You are the sweet fragrance that will linger for years to come
What a miracle - so fragile but beautiful and delicate

You are the one who shows us we can be better than we are
You are the one who reminds us that miracles do happen each and every dayYou are the one who taught us that there isn’t a greater miracle in life then having a loving child

My dearest Mikaela, May life grant you all of your dreams and wishes and G-d will be by your side to guide you and watch over you always. You are the blessing in our life and thanks to you we know true love. Happy Birthday sweetheart.
With all my love Mommy


  1. what a beautiful poem and post for a beautiful daughter!

  2. Happy Birthday to your beautiful daughter.

  3. Happy Birthday from me too! What a lovely young woman! Mazol Tov.


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