Monday, May 25

Art, Art, I Want You!

My Friend Caterina posted this wonderful YouTube video on her blog and it's so perfect of expressing my feelings about my art these days, so I would like to share it with you.

I would like to thank everyone that comment about my previous post and for all of your encouraging words. I ended up framing the picture for my friend and it looks lovely.

I was also been asked if I will blog while I'm in Israel...You bet! I'm looking forward to take you along with me and share as much as possible with you...So stay tuned!

Enjoy the video


  1. Efrat, this was simply delightful. It reminded me of trading Artist Trading Cards, something a bunch of us are doing here in blogland. Sharing these tiny parts of ourselves, our art lives. Our endeavors to share the joy of art.
    Thank you for sharing the cute video. I will tell others to come here to see it too.

    When do you leave on your teule to Ha Aretz?
    I so look forward to your words and photos (I hope) from there...the land of my PEOPLE! ;~)

    shalom, shalom.

  2. Yay! I loved this video! so glad you are spreading the feelings of the love of art ! ciao bella and safe travel!

  3. Oh Efrat!!! THANK YOU for passing this video, that I will watch over and over and over, along for all of us to see. It made me cry, strangly enough..... why, I am not quite sure. Maybe because I always feel so vulnerable showing 'the world' what I have made, hoping not to be rejected or laughed at....
    I love the simplicity and message of the video so much.... just wonderful!


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