Saturday, March 28

By The Light Of The Moon

My inspiration for the day:
"-travelers, voyagers, riders, bloggers-"
Listening with one ear to the good Shepherd's cascade of words, Jilly dared to think about their future, about destiny and free will, about mythology and truth, about dependency and responsibility, about the certainty of death and the desperate need to live with purpose, about love and duty, and hope.
The sky is deep. The stars lie far away. The moon is nearer than Mars but still distant. The lake is a lustrous black, enlivened by the mercurial light of the parish lantern. The vessel rocks gently at anchor. The Moonlight club, or whatever it eventually will be called, conducts its first meeting with serious intent, laughter, and cake, beginning what all its members hope will be a long exploration of the round and round of all that is. -Author unknown
Yesterday my dear friend Leslie gave me this wonderful quotation to add to my collection. I got so inspired by it that I ended up creating the above collage as soon as I was done doing my taxes today. The digital collage is made from a collection of photos that I have been taking through the years and few vintage images.
Trivia Fact-
"Okay" was the first word spoken on the moon.

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  1. Pretty Art!!

    Thank you for sharing with us ;-)
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