Monday, December 29

See The Beauty

My dear and loyal computer needs to go in for a checkup. It's over heating and losing his mind at the same time and cussing me a lot of problems that I can't afford.
I think my computer is going through menopause… why not they get viruses… so why not menopause…? After all it's five years old (which is old for computer these days).

I will be still checking in and posting with my daughter's computer… that is if she will let me close enough to it. I hope and pray that I would not have to go and get a new computer… it would not be the best time. Please hold your fingers that it will be just something simple and inexpensive.

Why these things always happened around the same time…do they program computers to brake between December and January? I'm really not looking for an answer… I know it's just how computers are!

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