Friday, September 14

The Light in the End of the Tunnel

What a successful night! We had 75% of the wonderful art sold that night including mine thanks to Kris (Kelly sister). 100% of the sale price of my art is going to donation. Thank you Kris you made my day!

The story behind my piece is recovering from cancer. Three years ago I was diagnosed with thyroid cancer. It was a big shock since I was one of those people that thought noting will happen to me! (Not anymore!).

The road was long to recovery, after two surgeries and radiations all I could focus on was the light in the end of the tunnel. This tunnel may I say had a lot of rollercoaster's that made me change my view on life, I kept saying to myself "cherish every moment and be positive and welcome to everything life will present you with". Art as always has been my life saver this is where I feel safe and happy, that's where I always find the light.

This collage has a lot of the symbols of the cancer from the day I was diagnosed to the location and shape of the cancer, but the best part that I'm thankful for is the actual moment when I arrived to the light.

Kris again thank you from the bottom of my heart for purchasing my 'light' and I'm hoping that your money will transfer the light to the peoples who will benefit from it and the art will transfer the light to you if you shell ever need it!
For viewing and purchasing the beautiful art for this charitable art show go to Creative Underground website.

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