Tuesday, January 2

Welcome 2007

New Year New Work... What do you think...?
I love making abstract art. I love the freedom in putting shapes and colors on paper with no rhyme or reason and this year I promised to myself that I would do more of what gives me joy.
This dual art I called "MUSIC IN THE CITY".
I hope you like it!

I have been holding for sometimes to announce that I have been selected to be one of three artists on the show “That’s Clever!” On HGTV and they are coming to tape at my house next week and I’m so excited… I’ll keep you posted when the show will be on the air.


  1. Efrat, I think I've only met you once at the store but I just wanted to say that I love these abstract pieces. Maybe I'll try something like that one of these days! Also, congratulations on being on "That's Clever!" You'll have to let us know when it will be aired!

  2. These are gorgeous pieces! Love the colors!


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