Monday, July 17

Prayer for Israel

Please join me for a peace prayer for my country, Israel as I watch her and the people that I love go through this hard time. My heart is breaking.

Peace Prayer for Israel
by Efrat Dalton

Oh… El Shaddai
You made the heavens and the earth
You chose us as Your people
Out of all nations
Exhaled us from bondage and brought us
To the promised land, the Holy Land.
Now Your people are exposed to hatred and fear
Living in fields of tears in the Promised Land.

Oh… El Shaddai
We cry to you from far and near,
For You are merciful.
How it must grieve You to see the
Promised Land turned into a battlefield.

Oh…El Shaddai
The land is saturated by those
Who are consume with hatred and anger
We wish them no harm
We pray and hope
El Shaddai that Your power and love
Will turn them to You.
And You will protect us from harm as before.

Oh… El Shaddai
We have one prayer and one prayer only
May You spread Your wings
Over the Holy Land
And end the bloodshed.
May Your grace
Bring a bright new day
Wrapped with peace
To Your people and their land.


The picture I took on my recent visit to Israel in June.

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